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Staff Members

Meet the experienced and friendly staff who make Newberg Vision Clinic the leading provider of vision care products and services in Newberg.



Jeanna, Lead Optician

Jeanna, Lead Optician

Jeanna joined the clinic in 2013. As Lead Optician, she likes helping people find great eye wear that suits their lifestyle, visual needs, and looks great. She feels that the patients have a wide variety of personalities, and she likes learning a little something about everyone who comes in.

It is rewarding to her to help patients achieve clearer vision and support them in their optical needs.  She refers to the patients as “my patients” because she takes so much pride in helping them and makes sure she gives them her very best! She also is enjoying forming new relationships with the clinic staff and making the clinic a fun place to work and visit.

In her spare time she loves adventure and spends time rock climbing and backpacking. Her biggest adventure is raising her “two crazy cool kids” with her husband, Scott.


Meegan, Billing

Meegan, Billing

Meegan joined Newberg Vision in 2014 as a receptionist.  She now spends a majority of her time in billing, but has picked up on most areas of the clinic so she can help out whenever needed.  She likes that her job has given her the opportunity to learn new things, and that she can continue to learn daily.  She likes the team atmosphere and working with a group that is encouraging and truly cares about each other.

She enjoys working with patients of all ages and learning their unique needs and personalities.  She especially likes problem solving for patients with questions and helping them understand the sometimes confusing world of health and vision insurance.

She loves spending time with her two kids, going on bike rides, and swimming in her free time.